Tips / Techniques: Freezing and Macerating Fresh Berries and Fruits

I have no idea how grocery stores keep their strawberries or other berries looking fresh without them developing mold or getting soft so quickly. Never fails, when I buy a big batch of strawberries, there are always casualties by the next day. Either they shrink a bit and become soft, with their skins looking unappetizing, or a few start a mold science experiment by the next day. I hate throwing out berries I just bought.

So, I have made the no-waste berry challenge this year. I'm going to prolong my berry eating, without waste with two easy techniques.

Freezing and Macerating.


freezing strawberries


Why let berries go bad when you can freeze a bunch for those winter days? I froze the bulk of my fresh raspberries last year and enjoyed them all winter long. I made shakes, pies or just enjoyed them over pancakes whenever I wanted. So fantastic when you are craving some tasty fruit.

Freezing is simple enough. Wash your berries or fruits and let them dry. Remove any stems, pits and hull your strawberries. Cut them into any desired size or leave them whole. Line a wax paper in a baking pan and arrange your berries, keeping space between them. Pop them in the freezer. Once frozen, you can put them into freezer bags and since they are frozen individually, you can take out as little or as many as you wish later on.


macerating strawberries


I often macerate my fresh fruits and berries. It's a delicious way to prolong the fresh berry eating. I often eat my macerated fruit over ice cream, use it on pancakes or my yogurt or just even eat them like that.

Wash all your fresh fruit and cut them into your desired sizes. Place them in a bowl, sprinkle them with sugar and mix. With a little time, the fruits release their juices and makes it very flavourful. I then pop it into the fridge and use it up within a couple of days. It's an easy technique that prevents any berries being thrown out.


Both these techniques can be used for all sorts of berries and fruits. I often mix up different fruits together too. Good luck!