Beautiful Bosc

beautiful bosc

I've got a cold. Again.

Forgive me, but, I haven't been in the mood for much. I'm not baking or cooking. nuh-uh.

So instead I offer you some food p0rn. A photo of a beautiful bosc pear I took some months ago. It's one of my faves. I have this one printed out on my "gallery wall" of photos in my dining room.


Anyone else watch the show Pitchin' In with Chef Lynn Crawford?

I personally love the show and think she is HILARIOUS. I have found people are really split down the middle about her. Some of my friends really dislike her and some love her.

I know she's a bit over the top but I think she makes for good tv. She's pretty entertaining to watch and I love every time she is gagging doing the farm work... I feel for her, it does stink.

My personal favorite part, I laugh every time I see the commercial of that sheep jumping at her. (It's around the 29 second mark of the video I've attached above). It's too funny. The first time I saw it, I snorted like a pig. I found it that funny. Yes, I'm easily amused.

Have a super weekend!!!