January 3, 2010

Blog "Renovations"

Doing a wee bit of construction around here at the ole blog.

Please excuse the mess.

Not sure when it will be done. I'm scratching my head, wondering why I do these things.

Be back soon hopefully.

BTW: Happy New Year!!!


Junglefrog said...

O I like the looks of it sofar..! Nice and fresh!

Maki said...

thanks! it's coming along.


A Canadian Foodie said...

I assume you are finished... renovating. It looks GREAT!
I had to go to an entire new platform and Chris (Eatingisthehardpart) started a completely new site... I was able to import my old stuff... but am continuing with endless editing of warped photos, and missing information. All worth it though. I feel like I just lost 20 pounds!
And yours new look shows off your photographic skills, and is clean, fresh and welcoming!

Maki said...

Still got to do some small tweaking but it's probably only I who notices those little wrinkles :)

Yeah, I was surprised to see you and Chris changing things up for the New Year. Looking good for both of you. It's all a good thing :)

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