September 10, 2009

silence, cheesecakes and cherries, oh my!

rainier cherries


Do you hear that?

You don't hear anything you say?


I am here, typing on this fine thursday evening and my house is quiet. Yes internet, my house is free of children and hubby tonight and the sound is oh so glorious!

Not to mention that my children have returned back to school and I have been doing the Most wonderful time of the year dance along with Staples.

Gosh, I really didn't think I'd be that happy that September rolled around but I have to say... it's exactly what I needed!


On another note, I wanted to post a ricotta cheesecake recipe tonight but for the !love of chocolate! I can't find the dang recipe. I have been looking everywhere for it.

Note to self: Do not scribble out your recipe notes onto a single sheet of paper, meaning to later type it into a blogpost, and wellllll, lose it. Yeah. The downfall of this foodblogger... recipes that go missing. It's right up there with how caramel got into the caramilk bar. Yeah, pretty mysterious!

rainier cherries2

So, forgive me. I may find it, I may not. Instead I processed some pretty pictures of rainier cherries I took a short while ago. Did you know that they are named after Mount Rainier in Washington State? I read that they cost more because they are so sweet that a bulk of the crop gets eaten up by birds. Lucky birds.

Well, I'm off to revel in the silence. Life is good. Peace out.


Chris said...

Yum! Rainiers are so goooooood!

Junglefrog said...

Haha... I hope you managed to find your recipe in the end? I know the feeling of not being able to find a recipe. Quite frankly; I have too many cookbooks too, so they might be in a book, but I still can't find it!
I totally love rainier cherries!! Gorgeous shots too!

Isabelle said...

Gorgeous cherry photos Maki! I discovered Rainiers this summer and fell in love with them. So delicious and so beautiful.

Marija said...

Beautiful photos in this post!

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