caffe latte

espresso for two please!

He loves his "presso" or "coffee", as he calls it sometimes. Loves helping make it, filling and tamping down the grounds in the metal filter basket. Then, stirring in the milk and sugar in his favorite green espresso cup. He starting asking for it when he was 2 years old. I find it strange he likes the taste of coffee, I only started liking it after I finished university.  And yes, he only ever gets decaf.

I stumbled upon our espresso maker when walking through The Bay. I was shopping around for a wedding gift and saw 5 boxes of them on a clearance shelf. It was marked down twice and we paid about $60. I still can't believe it.  We've had it for years and it's been making us decent espresso every since.  I hope it never croaks because we won't be able to find another machine that works this well for that price.


caffe latte
serves 1

Brew an one part espresso shot into a cup.
Pour 4 parts of steamed milk into the cup.

 Add a biscotti or small cookie on the side and enjoy!