Edmonton Foodie Meetup #1 - My "blind date" with 11 people

Dinner at the Blue Plate Diner
(Pozole & chicken enchiladas at the Blue Plate Diner. It was too dry for me, bummer).

I tried on numerous outfits, not sure what to wear. As I put on some makeup, I joked to the hubby that I was going on a "blind date".

Ha! You realize I'm going out, without you, to a restaurant, getting all done up to meet people I don't even know! And forget one person, I'm going on a blind date with ELEVEN people I've never met!"

The thing is, the idea wasn't that strange at all.

I stumbled upon the
Edmonton Foodie Meetup exactly a week ago. It was then I discovered, for the first time, that there indeed is other Edmonton food bloggers. We all met at the Blue Plate Diner, to see the faces behind the blogs. My only wish is that I had found their blogs sooner so that I could have read up more and gotten to "know" them through their blogs before I met them in person.

When I told people I was going to this event, some folks thought it was odd. I guess the perception is that bloggers are strange or are antisocial people who never see the light of day because they are too busy typing away on their computers. I can tell you that everyone at the Foodie meetup were very nice and genuine . As normal as can be, though, wouldn't it have been a bit interesting to have one person show up with their underpants on the outside or something like that? Hmmmm, maybe at next Foodie meetup :)

It was great meeting all of you!


Blue Plate Diner
10145-104 St
Edmonton, Alberta