egg and leek "flat" omelette

salami and leek _flat_ omelette

Sorry about the nibble. I couldn't help myself :)

It smelled so tasty, it was hard to wait to get my camera out! Come lunch time, I like something warm and this quick and easy egg sandwich hits the spot.

And this is really soooo good. Salami sauted up with the leek gives this omelette a salty goodness that makes you want to nibble it before you set it down on the plate! Salami may not be good for the hips but sure is good on the lips. It's easy recipe for me since I usually have a bunch of diced frozen leek sitting in my freezer from summer and always have some sort of salami in the fridge since it lasts a good time.

I also call it a "flat" omellete because I flip the it to cook both sides and I don't fold it at the end. I guess it's like a thin fritatta.

Hmmmm, I think I'm going to be making this for lunch today. Yum.


salami and leek "flat" omelette
serves 1-2

splash of oil

1/4 cup diced leek
4 slices, your choice of salami, diced
2 eggs, beaten

sprinkle of cheese

Saute up salami and leek in a hot small non-stick pan for several minutes. Add the beaten eggs and mix together. As the egg edges begin to set, lift the edges of the omelette up with a spatula and tilt the pan so the uncooked egg runs underneath for several minutes.

Since the omelette is small, I usually flip the omelette over with the spatula to cook the top side. Cook for several more minutes. Top with cheese and remove from heat.

Serve portion of omelette over a toasted bread. I like to sprinkle hot sauce on it too :)