September 22, 2007

french fries

french fries-fd0000

It's really rare if I deepfry anything. I usually bake or bbq various meats or vegies.

I make some mean roasted potatoes but a french fry is just not the same baked. I'm sure that some of you have experimented and would tell me otherwise but I've yet to be waivered. It's called a french fry for a reason.

If we do eat french fries, it's that few times a month we hit the fast food chains because I'm too lazy or busy to cook. But every once in a while, I'll make a batch at home.

french fries

I watched a program about french fries and how they really should be fried twice. Once, at a lower temperature, then drained and fried again, at a higher temperature, to get it's crispiness. I have tried it before but quite frankly, I'm not fond of standing in front of my stove getting all greasy. Frying it once is really just good enough for me.

Pomme frites anyone?

french fries

Potatoes, sliced

Nothing fancy here. All I do is clean my potatoes, slice them (I don't even take the skins off) and fry away in enough oil to cover the batch I add to the pan. I have tried various varieties of potatoes and I use either canola or vegetable oil. They all turn out well.

Once they fry to a nice golden hue (couple of minutes) I put them on a paper towel and shake some salt onto them. Ready to eat.

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Kristina said...

Mmmmm... homemade fries are even better than most of the fries you get in the fast food places, too.

I may have to break out the deep fryer I got for my bridal shower. I've never used it (don't want to have to clean it), but it could be worth it for some fish and chips and mozza sticks.

I've made mozza sticks in a pot on the stove top before. You should try those if you haven't yet. Yum!

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