simple salads

simple salad

There is a lot of salad eating in the summer with the abundance available to me. My parents have a large garden in their yard and they are like pushers, always begging me to take some since they have so much(they actually pared down the size of their garden this year but they are still relentless! When will they learn to plant less!!) And now my hubby has been getting his thumbs green with his own vegetable garden this year. I'm quite surprised that I haven't turned green myself yet.

Though I like salad, I admit, I really hate washing it and chopping it up. And when you are getting it from your own yard, you have to be thorough in the cleaning because I have had one too many bugs, spiders and caterpillar/sluggy type things staring at me atop my lettuce leaf as I'm about to deliver it to my mouth via my fork. This is probably why the bagged salad industry has been doing well because you, like me, don't like to do the dirty work. Come on, 'fess up, your not alone!

When it's hot, I'm not very eager to be creative. So the bulk of our salad eating is done very simply with a easy oil, vinegar and salt dressing. You can use any variety of oil or vinegar, there are so many to choose from thus making it fun to try the different combos out.

I chop up some salad, and green onions and toss it together with the wet ingredients until I find a palatable taste. Not too vinegary, not too much oil but I do prefer it saltier than others around me do. I like the salt and vinegar combo and with a kick of green onion, my simple salad is an easy hit with the folks everytime.