About My Blog:

I mostly consider my blog a “photo blog” with a huge bent toward food. Though I am adding more non-food photography posts.

I often tell people that I started this blog as a way to practice my photography. My children got tired of having the camera in their faces and food never complains.

But truthfully, it’s more than that. Food has been a big part of my life. From home-cooked meals throughout my childhood, to me carrying on the tradition of cooking and baking at home, to my non-stop chitchat about it, it is never is a dull topic for me.

Food also brings people together. I love having friends over and sharing conversations over bites to eat. This blog is my virtual way to do just that with you all.

So, pull up a chair and spend a minute or two with me. I don’t bite.

About Me:

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I don't consider myself a "foodie", I just like to eat, cook, bake and talk about food. I like ketchup on saltines, most "foodies" would think it's absurd. I say, don't knock it until you try it :)

I often tell people that I am a jack of all trades, master of none.

I’ve been called Martha Stewart many times, though I don’t consider myself crafty. I actually don’t like crafts at all. Nor do I like gardening.

My house is in perpetual construction. We are DIY-ers and are constantly renovating.

I have a chair fetish that I try to keep curbed and a mad love for the mid-century modern era.

I’m a wise-cracker and a bit silly at times. People who know me will tell you that.

I joke that if I won the lottery and was set for life, I would probably be a professional student or a Walmart greeter. Though I say it jokingly, I believe there is some grain of truth to it. Which one you ask? Buy me a winning lotto ticket and we'll find out.