Minecraft Birthday Party

"Mom.  I want a Minecraft party."

For those of you who don't have children or know computer games, Minecraft, is da bomb in our household.

I may be a tough mom who expects hard work, good marks, daily homework and chores done and  respectful behaviour from my children but I pay it back. With my love and all my efforts.  And my kids are lucky I have mad, mad skillz.

I also really, really LOVED making these cakes!  I squee'd with every little muffin! They were so adorable. (This is my go-to recipe for marshmallow fondant)

My brother-in-law offered to set up a computer LAN party so my boy could play Minecraft with his friends. The rest was left to me and thank goodness for the internets. I came up with amazing party ideas and loved the easy-to-make creeper balloons and juice potions!  I even made a Steve head for my son to wear for Halloween!

All the kids agreed, it was "the best birthday party evah!".

I'm a lucky mom to have such amazing kidlets.