Cafe Bicyclette Opening

While I wish I could be that blogger that is timely with her posting, alas, I am not.  Though I don't feel very sorry about that, for many various reasons, but mostly because I do get around to it...eventually!  Little over a month ago, I attended the opening of Cafe Bicyclette in La Cite Francophone, the french quarter of Edmonton.

One thing I was very excited about was that they had an outdoor area with heaters, fireplaces and blankets! This instantly reminded me when we were in Europe last year and I pointed out to the hubby that we just don't have anything like that in Edmonton! Now we do!  I wonder though, has anyone been there with all our recent snowfall?  I'm sure it's a beautiful sight!

Inside the cafe was dimly lit and inviting, with music playing in the background, as they generously handed out a variety of hors d'oeuvres and drinks to celebrate.  I had plenty of fun catching up with my fellow bloggers Phil and Chris. Those two are a hoot. Feel free to insert a silly caption comment below! I was pretty oblivious to what was happening behind me!  Haha.

I have to mention that the sweets were the chats miaou!  I couldn't help myself and had more than one... or two... or, er,  heck who was counting really.

I had a wonderful time and I feel so lucky and thankful to be able to attend such events.  For someone who is work-from-home mom, I SO look forward getting out! Have a great weekend!  The weather should be warming up, great opportunity to try out the outdoor patio!