Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Beans

This is the first time I have ever bought vanilla beans. I became a pure vanilla extract user for my baking early on but I'm surprised to took me so long to get around to buying the source!


I can easily conjure up memories of vanilla sugar my mom used in her baking. She always bought the packets of vanilla sugar and I can still smell the aroma in the air when I think about it. It seemed to permeate the room as soon as the packet was ripped open, sweet and floral. When my mom wasn't looking, I'd take the empty packets and stick my tongue into the packet and attempt to lick clean every sweet surface area possible.

"Sweet memories"


Vanilla from the source

Until I come up with uses for all my Madagascar vanilla beans, I will be removing them from the container they came in and popping these lovely pods into my sugar container and creating my own sweet memories.