Things I liked this week - Weekly Photos

Winter Wonderland

It sure is beautiful but man, oh man, is it ever cold. I admit, I don't appreciate our beautiful winter scenery here in Edmonton enough but I'm such a weeny about being out in the cold. I did try to make myself go outdoors last year, see my river valley post and the acreage post, but the latter doesn't really count since it was at my in-laws home and I wasn't out long. I think that's the only outdoor winter activities I participated in. Does running from the car into the grocery store count?

When I was a child, come every spring, like clockwork, the neighbor next door would say "Wow, Maki has come out of hibernation". I have come to accept that I will never do winter. Forget skiing, tobogganing, snowshoeing or whatever other asinine winter sport one wearing MEC clothing does. I'm an indoor gal. Bring me the remote and a glass of wine. And maybe something crunchy to snack on, please.



These are our goldfish from our outdoor pond and now they are "snowbirds", taking a vacay, in our aquarium, the winter months. These guys are totally like little puppy dogs. You can pet them and they follow you around.

There are about 13 of them and they live in a spacious 50 foot gallon aquarium in the front room of our house, just off the dining room. Every morning when we walk past the aquarium and they get a glimpse of us, they all swim right up to the corner part, pushing against the glass, happy to see us and silently begging for food.

I also talk to them in a high-pitched annoying voice when I feed them. Go ahead, call me the crazy cat fish lady. I love them and they put a smile on my face everyday.


New lamps

I'm loving my lamps!

I bought 2 of these vintage lamp bases a long time ago and have been searching for simple shades in the right proportion and color. They came with ugly, off-white, cone-shaped shades which I immediately rid of. (what where they thinking???)

Searched Ikea, Homesense, Winners, The Bay, Zellers and Walmart is where I finally found what I was looking for. Walmart? whowouldhavethunkit?

Glad the lamps are out of my basement and now in my family room for me to enjoy!


Have a good weekend. Don't forget to stretch before you do all that snow shoveling.