Weekly Photos: Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton Valley Zoo_1

It was one of those days I wondered if I should really go. A classroom full of preschoolers, all excited and crazed at the same time, heading off to a fieldtrip to the zoo. My son was excited for me to go and I wanted to, especially since I missed his last fieldtrip but preschoolers can be just as wild as zoo animals, thus causing migraine-inducing headaches.

Edmonton Valley Zoo_3

We went to Edmonton's Valley Zoo to learn about farm animals. People grumble that our zoo isn't as great as the Calgary's zoo, but who really cares? Why does it have to be more than it is? I think it's a nice little zoo. I enjoy seeing all the animals, the land all parceled up into different areas for different types of animals. It's a nice way to spend a day. And I for one, LOVE animals. I have small place in my heart for all animals. Insects, not so much, but animals... I just smile when I see them.

Edmonton Valley Zoo_2

I enjoyed snapping photos of the animals, my son was happy I attended his fieldtrip and I came home without a headache. Good things come in threes I hear :)