Weekly Photos: Shrine Circus

Circus Acrobats

Dear Shrine Circus:

I really tried but I think we will have to split ways.

I was excited to take the children to see you. My children and my niece and nephew talked about you all week. This is why it hurts. I'm not a fickle person. I wanted to love you but it was just too many things.

The loud music and announcer that made us cover our ears so many times in pain. The lighting system that kept burning holes in our corneas or was set up to be visually in our way. The length of the program (2.5 hours) was WAY too long and that made most children not be able to sit in their seats. Not only to mention that my son kept asking "is it almost done? Can we go home?"

The clowns skit was a bit unbearable to watch and when I bumped into a friend during intermission, she stated that "clowns should never be able to talk". It just wasn't funny. The children in the row in front of me who looked bored during all the animal acts because really, how many times can one watch horses and ponies run in circles. Or the acrobats swinging back and forth. We got the point after the first 2 rounds.

Circus Animals

Between the "just kill me" and the "dear god, how much longer can they do this to us" looks from the adults, I regret I will not be back. I think all the money I spent that day would better serve us towards a new wii game that the family can bond over.

Maybe you haven't been able to keep up with the times, a world where fast-paced technology, video games and the computer offer more. I know you can't compete with that but your "good-ole fashioned fun" just wasn't fun.

I no longer love the idea of you anymore. We have grown in separate ways. Maybe it's not you, maybe it's me? But, nonetheless, I'm just not that into you.

How about we just settle with irreconcilable differences and leave it at that? I keep the house and kids, you get the circus furniture and animals. Ok?

Signed yours truly,