Dinner and Q&A Date with David Adjey at NAIT

Me and David Adjey
(Picture taken by Marianne with my camera, processed by me)

The other day, I took my kids to the nearby McDonald's. With no seating in the play place area I sat just outside of it, with a big group of teenagers behind me, while I watched my kids. While sitting there, I overheard the teenagers keep trying to show off with stories of grandeur and swearing to constantly try to "one-up" each other. This was what the night with David Adjey was like, except, he was the only teenager and he kept trying to "one-up" himself.

A few of us local bloggers got the chance to have Dinner and Q&A Date with David Adjey at NAIT as he is this year's NAIT Chef in Residence. We were able to ask him questions while we enjoyed dishes from David's book Deconstructing the Dish. A youtube video of the evening will be released later for viewing on NAIT’s TechLife channel.

I was not expecting such a large tasting of food and Champagne was served too. We bloggers were very spoiled. Though, I found the food not to be very hot, which disappointed me a bit. But it was overall pretty good. I'm not a fan of seafood but I didn't shy away from it. However, I noticed my stomach bloating and feeling queasy and by the time I got home, the back of my throat and tongue swelled a bit. I was obviously allergic to something, though, I'm not sure what it was, since there were numerous things I've never eaten before.

Dinner Menu with Night with David Adjey

I had a preconceived notion of who David Adjey was before I met him and as I told him at the end of the night, he came across exactly who I thought he was. Pompous is the word that comes to mind. But he makes no apologies for it and I respect that. For him to get to where he's at in his career, he needs to have done something right and be hard working.

Chris and I came to conclude that "You can take the kid out of Scarborough but you can't take Scarborough out of the kid". (You'll need to watch the beginning of the video to get that.)

I enjoyed myself and am thankful to Diane, NAIT and David Adjey for having the event. Here are my fellow bloggers take on the evening. I will update the list as they post entries.

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