vanilla pudding with berries

vanilla pudding with berries and cream

Last night, my hubby asked me when was the last time I posted on me 'ole blog.

"Oh, it's been a couple of weeks for sure. Just too busy and I'm feeling a bit uninspired." I responded.

To which I got a reply of "tsk, tsk".

Don't any of you get periods of not wanting to cook or bake in the kitchen, or not pick up a camera or just not post a blogpost? It happens sometimes. No biggie.


Here's a picture of vanilla pudding with some summer berries that I took a couple of months ago. I miss my fresh berries. Boo hoo. I used Jell-O sugar free vanilla pudding (nope, I didn't scrape out a vanilla bean & make my own pudding - sometimes, there is just no time for gourmet), fresh berries and a dollop of whipping cream (real full fat whipping cream - traded the carb calories with sugar free pudding so I can have the full fat calories). Yum.


Are any foodies coming out to Litfest's Savouries Event tonight at the Kid's in the Hall Bistro? Save me a seat will you? I'm coming alone and would love to meet other foodies!

See you there!