Since it's now officially fall I thought I'd share some pictures of the little sunflower sitting on my dining room table.

Sorry, didn't feel like doing a recipe post today.

I'm sitting at my computer, munching on Lucky Charms cereal (oh those little mini marshmallows are just divine). I don't let my kids eat cereal without milk, but when the kids are away, mom will eat away :)

sunflower 3

I'm trying to distract myself from cheese. I'm craving it REAL bad and I can't have any. I'm taking some medication this week and I'm supposed to avoid the dairy several hours before and after taking it. Of course I'm taking the meds twice a day. And that's why I'm craving cheese. Can only really have it mid day. I really wanted some melted gooey cheese so yesterday I had an early supper and ate a bunch of crackers with melted cheese on top. I know, you're probably wondering why I didn't just make a grilled cheese sandwich right? That's because my stove/oven died.

sunflower 2

My "professional series" appliance up and died. I guess it doesn't matter if you pay more for "quality". It is just over 5 years old I believe. I turned on the oven the other day and heard a pop and smelled a burning odor. But, no worries. My husband picked up the new parts and now it is back in working order. And it only cost $400 dollars to fix. FOUR HUNDRED. Highway robbery! We were contemplating whether we should just buy a new oven.

Thanks for letting me vent :) Hope you like the photos. Have a super weekend!