Brits Fish and Chips

Brit's Fish and Chips

We talked about going out for fish and chips for quite some time. When we lived in Vancouver, we used to take my hubby's aunt out to Troll's, a well known fish and chips restaurant. I had missed the fried fish, coated exactly to my liking with malt vinegar and salt, while overlooking the water in the bay.

We live in Edmonton now and we weren't sure where to go for fish and chips. We had quite a few people throughout the summer mention Brits Fish and Chips so we chose the downtown location. Instead of looking at mountains and water, we overlooked the parking lot and Oliver Square stores from our seats. Not quite the same at all.

We ordered a couple of beers for us and juices for the kids and decided upon the fish sampler and fries. This way, we can try a variety of fish. We sat at our table and the staff brought the children coloring books and crayons. YAY! I must say, the staff was absolutlely wonderful.

The sampler arrived and then I looked at my husband confused. The fish came all together, piled onto the plate, with no way to tell the difference between them. I couldn't tell you the difference between fried cod and fried halibut. I guess I could have asked but with two children in tow, digging in was all we could do.

We don't eat a lot of fried foods and the four of us couldn't finish off the sampler and fries. The fish was not greasy, as the paper underneath the fried fish pieces was barely soaked, but my stomach was very full for the rest of the evening. I think I have to slowly work myself up to fish and chips because it was a bit much for this lightweight.

Many people swear Brit's has wonderful fish and chips, though I can't really give you a yay or nay because I haven't eaten enough fish and chips to be able to compare. I also haven't eaten fish and chips in a restaurant since we left Vancouver, well over five years ago. So, I guess you'll have to go and make your own opinion about it.


Brits Fish and Chips
11603-104 Ave location
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 2R1