Pimp my ride...


Holy shmoly! I feel all weak and ill. I've been pretty much without a computer since my last post. Can you imagine? I haven't visited anyone's blog or processed any photos :(

My computer up and died. Needed a new motherboard. At least it wasn't the hard drive again! But I got this hubby who's a computer geek (he actually is a programmer, not a computer hardware guy but he'll do it if he HAS to, though he really, really hates to) and he fixed my computer. Not only that, he really pimped my ride. He basically upgraded me... it's like I have a new computer. It's so fast!!! It doesn't grind when I'm working on photos! Plus, I got a new keyboard, mouse and speakers. What a guy. woot!

On another note, my fellow Edmontonians, hasn't the week of rain done wonders for your gardens and grass. Wow. I'm sure the farmers are all rejoicing too. I'm so glad the rain finally came.