Fuzzy, wuzzy apricots

stop and grab a pretty apricot

I remember as a child, looking at the fruit bowl and slowly touching each fruit before I chose one. I'm sure my mom told me, as I tell my own children, not to touch all the fruit but to just pick one. But there was a reason other than I was just a tactile kind of kid.

I was picky about the firmness of the fruit. I know that riper fruit are sweeter and tastier but I preferred a harder fruit, no bruises or soft spots. I liked crunch and I know some fruit aren't supposed to be crunchy, such as peaches or apricots, but that's what I liked. And, I got accustomed to eating very tart or sour fruits because they are still green and unripe when they are very firm.

And now, I admit, I still handle my fruit :) I don't need them as firm as I once did but I haven't changed that much since being a child. My hubby was schooled very early on in our marriage he must bring home firm fruit for me or I won't eat it. He, on the other hand, likes riper, softer fruit. So, when I pulled out each apricot from the bag to put in the bowl, I noticed the variety of firmness. And that is how this blogpost came to be written, as it jogged my memory.

Fuzzy, wuzzy apricot anyone?