Once Upon a Date Night: Corso 32

I has been a long while since my last post.  I left my blog on the sidelines, leaving it a low priority but I'm trying to get back on it.

First off, Happy New Year!

It has been a whirlwind these past 5 months.  Having spent 3 months abroad and returning in December made life very busy.  Getting children back to school here (where did I put your indoor runners and all your school supplies?!?) to splashing Christmas decorations throughout the house and gift shopping and social gatherings and well, you get the point.  Exhausting.  Now with the new year, we finally have a rhythmic routine going and the other day, the hubby says "We should plan a date night".

"When was the last time we had a date night?" we wonder, staring at each other with giant invisible question marks above our heads. I have no clue and neither does he.  Obviously it was a long time ago and we are very overdue.

Dinner at Corso 32

And that is when I was reminded about our night out at Corso 32.

Date night

Once upon a date night, tired parents went to an Italian restaurant that had received much praise.  She put on a nice dress and high heels and he donned a collared shirt and freshly polished shoes.  Their kids were being well taken care of and any stress they had, melted away as they entered the modern yet warm ambiance felt throughout the room.  She loved the brick wall and the dim glow of the lights above.  They ordered wine, chitchatted and decided on the many delicious items from the menu.

Italian entrees at Corso 32

They talked about their week as each plate arrived, sharing their bites as lovers of food always do.  They made plans for upcoming travels and smiled with delight with every bite.  Each plate was divine and they agreed that every morsel lived up to all that they had heard.

Dessert at Corso 32 

Dessert was last to arrive and anticipation grew, for she had made this exact chocolate torta and knew it would be good.  They toasted to good times and health, slowly closing the place down.  They vowed to get out again and not to let time to lapse between dates.  But alas, even with best intentions, they have let time pass.

"Once upon a date night"

Yes, they just might.