Lynn Crawford: NAIT's 2014 Hokanson Chef in Residence

I was pretty giddy being able to observe this year's Hokanson Chef in Residence, Lynn Crawford, in action at NAIT's kitchen. Having spent years watching Restaurant Makeover and Pitchin' In (a show which I just looooove!), I am, needless to say, a big fan.  What I love about Chef Crawford is her passionate and humble character.  And, she makes me laugh and laugh with her zany humor in every episode of Pitchin' In.  

Observing her speak to NAIT students was inspiring as she spoke about being the best chef they can be and always making sure every plate has the best product and that they put their hard work and passion into it in order to make a memorable dish every time.  As the students were preparing for the next day's luncheon, Chef Crawford asked them if they had 3-5 good recipes for preparing rainbow trout.  She asked the students who their favorite chefs were and why?  What was their top 5 restaurants in Edmonton, Toronto, San Francisco or other cities?.  It is one thing to have techniques down but travelling, learning about different foods and gathering knowledge from others, alongside passion and drive, will make you be the best you can be.

Afterward, we were able to ask a few questions.  She spoke about how she spends a lot of her time at her restaurant, Ruby Watchco., and that a vintage sign that hangs within the restaurant was to be credited for its name.  She had plans of writing another book and was in talks of another show.  It seemed that there were no bounds and that there was still more that she can and wants to do.  Her passion and drive is still very much evident. If you wondering if she is as genuine in person as she is portrayed on television, well, I can say that she really is.

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