Paninis at Leva Cappucino Bar - Eating out

I would wait patiently, alongside other hungry students, for my order to be ready. Standing in HUB mall at the University, I was buying a sandwich for lunch before meeting up with friends.  Correction, it wasn't an ordinary sandwich, it was a Panini. I love sandwiches but paninis are definitely a step up in the sandwich department.  Grill marks and the perfect hue of brown on the exterior, while inside the contents flavors are enhanced from toasting and the gooey cheese stretches with every bite. I salivate just thinking about it.

(While I sipped on my Americano, enjoying all the natural light from the large windows, I was also reminded that I've been wanting a Nelson lamps for my family room for quite some time.)

It has definitely been more than a couple of years since I last ate a panini at HUB mall - not even sure if you can still buy them there - but the memories came back again as I sat down to eat my panini at Leva Cappucino Bar.  Being that Leva is located near the University helps in recalling those memories too.  While I do have a panini press at home, it doesn't quite compare to what the professional cast iron panini machines can do. Maybe I just need a better machine?  In the meantime, I'll gladly indulge on toasty goodness when I am out for lunch.