Atco Food Blogger Cook-off at Taste of Edmonton

Atco Blue Flame Cookoff Taste of Edmonton

On Sunday, I headed down to Churchill Square for the Atco Gas Blue Flame Cook-off at the Taste of Edmonton. Can you believe the above setup! Individual kitchens in the outdoors!  What makes this event even more interesting was that it was some of my fellow food bloggers competing to win with their entries for best food truck entree.

Food trucks have been quite a big trend in our city with more and more coming to Edmonton's scene so this seemed like the perfect idea for a cook-off.

Phil's Not your mama's meatloaf
Phil's entree was called Not your Mama's meatloaf.  

It's one thing to watch cooking competitions on television but I couldn't imagine the pressure of cooking and answering questions in front of a large crowd but all three of them did a fantastic job.

Teresa's Feisty Chicken bowl
Teresa's Feisty chicken bowl

I have to say, I really love the foodie community in Edmonton.  Not only was it a fun competition to watch but I bumped into many other bloggers, tweeters and foodies who came in support to cheer in on the friendly competition.

Michelle's Chicken Biryani
Michelle's Chicken biryani

The judges, chefs in our city, had a tough decision to make and were so impressed by the entries that they told the crowd that each one of them will choose one of the above entries to showcase in their own restaurants. If you ask me, they are all winners!  Way to represent you three!

Taste of Edmonton Food Blogger competition

It was a tight race with second place being a tie between Teresa and Michelle and Phil taking the prize by one point.  Just goes to show you that the food bloggers can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk ;)

Congrats to all three of you!