Waldorf-inspired salad

Waldorf inspired salad

Sorry no recipe.

I haven't been cooking or baking too much the last several weeks but I felt like making a waldorf-inspired salad. I'm so eager for spring, even eating salads doesn't seem to be bringing it on.

On the topic of salads, the other day I bought a new salad dressing and after shaking it well, I went to pour it onto my salad and drenched my lettuce leaves. Apparently, this bottle did not have the pour spout top. I would say 99% of the store-bought dressings I purchase have that small pouring spout so when it does not, I get taken aback. Because it happens rarely enough, I never think to check it first.


It has become my pet peeve. This isn't the first time it has happened to me. My family loves to take little jabs and make funny comments every time I grab a salad dressing at family dinners.

"Har har har" I reply.

I will never live that one down.

To the person who came up with the small pour spout tops, I thank you. To all those food companies, please use them. Use them every time and on every brand of your dressings.

Please and thank you.