Brussel Sprouts - Photo Friday

Brussel Sprouts

Smelly socks.

That is what came to mind with any mention of "brussel sprouts".

I have a minor memory of trying them once as a child and thought they were putrid. Vile and smelly with a texture I never wanted to put near my lips again. The sentence "they're good for you" still echoing in the depths of my mind upon their mention. And since then, I spent all my life avoiding them and telling people my disdain for these little cabbages.

Until several months ago I saw them on the dinner table of a friend's home.

"Smelly socks! SMELLY SOCKS!" ran through my head with a vigor and the desperate need to stifle my gag reflex as I imagined what they smelled like.

My rational side told me that I had not given them a fair chance and my tastes have changed since I was a child and that I need to be open to this experience. I need not shun something I haven't tried in so long.

But my other side wanted to jump off the proverbial food bridge and die in the sea of malnutrition rather than ever stoop so low to the level of eating smelly socks.


But I did it. I tasted and enjoyed those brussel sprouts and since then, I've even bought them and tried various methods of cooking/roasting them.

I will only say this once so take heed.

Don't put your foot in your mouth. Just eat the smelly socks instead.