Lego Birthday Cakes

Lego Cakes

I look forward to my children's birthdays each year, specifically, making the birthday cake. At least a month in advance, I start thinking about different themes and my kiddo's likes at the time and then follow up with asking him/her what they would like.

This year my boy agreed on lego and I am not surprised. I can't tell you how many times I've stepped on pieces in his playroom. I'm sure he dreams about all the different things he can construct out of lego every night when he goes to bed.

Lego mini muffin cake

I used mini loaf pans to construct the personal size lego cakes. Some cakes were left rectangular in shape and others I cut into half to make square lego cakes. I used my favorite marshmallow fondant recipe to cover the cakes.

Making individual cakes is labor-intensive in terms of covering each with fondant so you may choose to make larger cakes using a regular loaf size pan instead. I didn't get around to photographing it before the party but I made 3 larger lego cakes with regular size loaf pans to more easily feed the masses.

Selfishly, I hope my kids always want homemade birthday cakes because I love doing it.