Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival, Edmonton, 2011


Did some of you make it out to the Festival? I was invited to the event and spent 3 hours going from exhibitor to exhibitor on the Friday night. There was much to see, taste and sample.


The bulk of the event is beverage based. Wine, beer, scotch, vodka and every spirit you can imagine. There was plenty to sip and sample but also opportunities to buy bottles to take home as I saw many folks take advantage of buying bulk from the vendors.


At the back-end of the hall, the Dairy Farmers of Canada held a complimentary cheese seminar, where I learned a few new things and got to taste some great cheeses.


There were restaurants featured too! Hotel-based restaurants, chain and independent restaurants peppered throughout the event.


I would have really liked if the event listed what food each restaurant exhibitor was offering in the notebooks they provided and how many tickets each menu item cost. I know that would entail a lot of organization but it would have made it easier for me to plan my eating and how to use my tickets.


But, that did not defer me from tasting a wide assortment of food. I think I am only showing you half the pictures of what I ate! And please, do not forget to leave room for dessert!

Jacek Chocolate Couture & Fuss Cupcakes

Make sure you make it out to the next event. It makes for a great evening out with friends and family.