Stop and taste the yogurt...

Yogurt with Strawberries & Granola

How often do you actually stop, take a moment to enjoy & experience something that would otherwise be an auto-pilot part of your day. To make something pretty to eat, even if it's just for you and no one else, irregardless of how small it is?

I was thinking about this the other day. If I want a snack, I often grab it out of the fridge or pantry and eat it while I'm doing something else. I take no time to make it more visually appealing or even really mentally register every bite. More times than not, I have finished my snacks (or meals!) and barely remember eating it at all.


My yogurt received some attention today and I swear, it tasted so much better.

Why don't take an extra 10 minutes to do something nice for yourself today. No matter how small.