Top Chef Tuesdays: S08 E06

Join me on my blog for Top Chef Tuesdays, as I recap each episode. I'm aware that Top Chef All Stars has already been airing in the US and we Canadians are a couple (*ahem - maybe more than a couple) episodes behind. So please, all you folks who are ahead of the watching, please, no spoilers. I'm recaping in my own personal opinion and it is all in good fun. Please join me in the comments.


I knew I wouldn't be able to watch Top Chef so I set the PVR. Went to turn it on later and there was no sound (my kids must have turned off the speakers). I was watching what looked like Marcel rapping. "Wiggity, wiggity, whack" Then the sound came on... oh no, he's not rapping. Dale is one step away from knocking Marcel's marshmallow for brains out, but thanks to his "anger management" courses, he walks away and Tre confirms that Marcel is indeed a drunk a$$hole.

Gosh, we're getting off to a good start.

The chefs enter the kitchen with Padma nowhere in sight (Yo mama's so skinny, she turned sideways and disappeared!) only to find a card stating they were heading to Montauk for Fishing!!! There will be no quickfire challenge but a DOUBLE elimination. Suh-weet! The chefs will be broken up into 4 teams of 3 and will have to catch and cook for a beach party later that evening.

Dale is the first one to haul out a fish, right after we are shown a clip of him telling us that his father was an angler and he wants to make him proud. Can you hear the feel good music... oh, that is good editing.

Speaking of editing... did you see the SIZE of Tre's arms? Oh.My.Word. I don't think it's possible that someone could have arms that big!

Fabi'oh, Marcel and Richard are basically listening to chirping crickets at sea. They have not caught one fish while others, like Antonia, are screaming "like a 4th grader" with every catch. But, lady luck finally comes their way and then we have Richard telling us that they found a new fangled way of reeling fish in, which entails Richard in Marcel's lap, holding his "rod". Have I mentioned that I just love this show. haha.

While I ponder how perfectly Mike represents a blowfish, Tre a bottom feeder and Angelo as a mermaid, the chefs are planning and executing their dishes. Tre's annoyed with Jamie's constant whining and complaining (she's worse than my kids!) and Fabi'oh's bro-mance with Richard is cast aside like a cheap h00ker. (Poor used and abused Fabi'oh')

All of the dishes look amazing and I watch, wishing that I could be a guest judge or diner, at this wonderful beach party.

Judges table brings in two top teams and it was Cosmic Carla's lettuce-wrapped tuna that beat out Dale's fish taco. I'm sure Dale doesn't feel the need to win since his true prize was catching the massive barracuda he "birthed", as one of the chefs put it. Though, I very much doubt that.

The other two teams are brought in. Marcel, Fabi'oh and Richard only make one dish, a fish succotash that had too many elements, bad texture and unneccessary components like the concord gastrique? (what?) and foam. Fabi'oh' was right with his strategic move of being prep man and agreeing with only making one dish, as the judges would have a hard time sending a specific person home. That must of been the reason he let Richard constantly ride him during prep and cooking. Ya mule, ya!

Jamie, Tiffany and Antonia each made their own dishes which put them up as easy targets. Antonia was safe, as Tom pointed out that if she wasn't on the losing team, she would have won the trip to Amsterdam. Burn. Which leaves both Jamie and Tiffany cast out to sea as fish fodder.

Bon voyage ladies.