Eating Out: Khazana

Indian food at Khazana's

We went out to dinner on Saturday to Khazana. I've spoken about my memories of indian food cravings walking past Khazana before. I love all sorts of ethnic food and we have been yearning for butter chicken for some time.

And did Khazana deliver. That is damn good butter chicken.

In a new dress and large-fangled earrings, we dropped off the kids and I was all giddy, being out with the hubby. A date for two doesn't happen often! I love the interior filled with wood and beams. It's my type of decor. I was pretty excited to see fireplace aflame. Ahhh ... fantastic ambiance.

We arrived at our table to have a whole family to our left, complete with baby crying. Followed up 15 minutes later with the musician, testing out the sound, with screeching coming out of his speakers to my right. Romance in the air, I'd say not. The hubby and I kept making jokes that it was no Date Night either.

But, I loved watching the chef's pat and stretch out the naan bread before sticking it to the side of the tandoori oven. I ate more than my share of naan. Chickpeas, lentils, korma, you name it, it was all satisfying.

And as a side, don't take a handful of that after dinner "potpourri" stuff on the way out. We were laughing at ourselves, thinking maybe it was really just for show and indeed potpourri and the folks at Khazana's were probably shaking their heads, side to side, thinking "silly white folks who have no clue". We were digging that stuff out of our teeth the rest of the night.

Thank goodness for that butter chicken. Totally worth it.


10177 107 St
Edmonton, AB