Tomato and Feta on a Brown Rice Tart Shell

Tomato and Feta on Brown Rice Tart Shell

You know that feeling when you are looking through cookbooks and you find a recipe that stands out and you must try it? It's that feeling of excitement and an eagerness to go to the kitchen, ASAP!

Well, that's happened with this recipe. The brown rice tart shell sounded so healthy and seemed like a novel idea to me. I also had an abundance of tomatoes. But the idea of the tomatoes, garlic, basil and feta, baked together for the flavors to mingle and exchange sounded so very wonderful. I kept imagining the aroma of it when I would first pull it out of the oven. Ahhhhh.

Too bad it sorta sucked.

I'm being too nice, it just plain sucked. My hubby was kind enough to eat one slice. But, it sucked enough that when it was wrapped up and put in the fridge for leftovers, neither him or I touched it. That is the true measure of success of recipes in my home. It sat there, haunting me every time I opened the fridge until I finally tossed it. I tried one time to reheat it for lunch, thinking I'll just salt the heck out of it, add some hot sauce and it won't taste bad but ultimately, even the idea of wasting food didn't get me to eat it. Too bad. Blech.

But it looked pretty.

I'm saving you by not posting the recipe. Wouldn't want it out there in the massive abyss of the internet for someone else to try and complain that it sucked too.