Eating out: Coffee on a Sunday night in Edmonton

Coffee and a Date
(Mocha at Block 1912)

Pros and cons about having coffee date on a late Sunday night in Edmonton

  • Getting out without the kids after a long, frustrating day with them.
  • Free parking!
  • Delicious mocha. I (heart) coffee and hustle bustle of whyte ave.
  • Cream, milk, honey, sugar, sweetener, spoons, so much variety.
  • People watching - guy walking a big doggie and an itty-bitty doggie together. So cute!
  • Lots of choices for desserts, baked goods, sandwiches and gelato.
  • Chatting with an adult and not wee little kids. Miss grown up talk.
  • Window shopping
  • Lit-up trees lining whyte ave.

  • Paying a babysitter - $10/ hour. Becomes an expensive coffee date.
  • Hard to find parking.
  • Wander forever to find non-chain coffee shops that are open on a Sunday night. (see babysitter point above). SERIOUSLY EDMONTON, get on it!
  • Spoons all have film and don't look squeaky clean ... no likey-likey.
  • People watching - stinky gentleman walks by as we sit outside. Hold my breath & cover my coffee cuz I have weird paranoia that the musk will settle on my coffee.
  • Am deterred when I see all baked goods wrapped in saran wrap - me thinks you have too much inventory or you don't sell quick enough. Pass. I like fresh for my dollar.
  • Can't hear hubby over motorcycle noises up and down street.
  • Can't buy stuff. Stores all closed, just bars open.
  • Almost getting run over at crosswalks. Watch out bozo!