Travels: Othello Train Tunnels in Hope and Vancouver's Jako Japanese Restaurant

Othello tunnels in Hope, BC

We made a stop to the Othello Train Tunnels in Hope en route to Vancouver. The tunnels are carved into the granite Mountain terrain and according to the information board, the one section is considered the most expensive mile of railway track. The tunnels were pitch black (bring a flashlight!) and were carved mostly by hand. Can you even BEGIN to imagine that? Fantastic place to stop. My kids loved it.


Once we settled into our place in Vancouver, it was time to eat. And we were hungry. What is the first thing you must eat when in Vancouver? Sushi, of course!

Eating at Jako Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver

Vancouver boasts so many different sushi restaurants that the idea of going through all the Chowhound and Urbanspoon entries made me nauseous just thinking about it. I'm glad we didn't have to pick out a place ourselves. My brother-in-law and his wife enjoy going to Jako Japanese Restaurant. It is close to where we are staying, family-friendly and the prices are unbelievably good.

There are so many restaurants in Vancouver. Even the same type of restaurant on the same block (Jako had 2 other sushi places on the same block!) which I believe lends to itself to much competition. How do they stay in business? Competitive prices, larger portions, friendly service and of course, good food.

That is what we had at Jako Japanese Restaurant. The decor isn't flashy but the family that runs the place were so great. I also loved how they had rolls named after different places in Vancouver: Kitsilano and Lonsdale rolls, etc. Too funny. Great prices for what you are getting and we would go back again.

Jako Japanese Restaurant
656 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC