Blue(berry) Monday Tuesday

Breakfast yogurt, granola and fresh blueberries

It's been one of those weeks, a very long and busy one. Long weekends just add more crazy to it all. I'm tired.

We've hardly been home much but my house is a disaster. Every time you come home, you drop a heap of stuff and then head off right away. Dirty dishes, loads of laundry and the need to vacuum. Yikes.

As I'm typing this, the kids are talking about cleaning their rooms so they can vacuum it. HA. Love this age, where they think vacuuming is so cool.

So, no time today for a recipe post just some photo p0rn instead.

Blueberries are around folks. I (heart) blueberries. They are equal in my love for raspberries, though, they might nudge out raspberries a bit because they don't have all those little seeds.

Man, how is it Tuesday already? I swear it's Monday!!! Damn you long weekend, I need one more day this week.

PS: The granola is homemade and it's in my archives, found here