Weekly Photos: Camping at Pembina River

Pembina River

I wouldn't say camping is my thing. It's been a long time since I've camped. At least 7+ years, I believe. We've been "camping" in cabins with the children before but never camping in an actual tent all together.

I don't consider myself a priss but I can say that I much prefer to stay at a cabin. Sleeping on an air mattress, crunched together with my hubby and two kids, in a small tent, reeking of campfire and and forest musk lingering throughout my hair... meh, not so much. The idea of birds squaking at 4am in the morning and possibilities of wild animals thinking I'm a delectable treat, doesn't really put a check on the pros column. Let's not forget the cold weather, rain and leaky tents. Plus, who the heck wants to lug around pillows, sleeping bags, air mattresses, tents, food utensils and pots and pans!

As I've gotten older, I want more comfort. I did the sleeping in hostels and the back of my car on road trips. Sleeping on a floor of a friend's place in another city and all sorts of tenting galore. Hmmm...ok, maybe I have become a little bit of a priss. I'm a desperate housewife people, not an outdoors-woman.

Camping Diptych

So when a bunch of neighborhood folks asked if we wanted to join in on the yearly camp together to Pembina River, I quickly kiboshed it. Not only do we not have camping gear, I didn't want to pack for it. With all the reasons stated above, I believe my hubby only convinced me to get out because I really do enjoy the scenery and the change of location. Getting away, fresh air, beautiful trees and water. Plus, the children really wanted to camp with all their friends. Geez. I agreed on a very short camping trip. You ain't getting this city slicker tenting for too long.

Yes, I had a good time though a bit bored at times. Sleeping in a tent, notsomuchfun. Tons of packing, birds at 4am - check, check. Rain - only on pack up day, wild animals thinking I'm a main course -nay. (thank goodness!)

My hubby has already verbalized to the neighborhood folks about going again next year. Yeah. It wouldn't be right if I OK'd it right away. I'm a desperate housewife, remember, (more like a wannabe), I need to keep up some sort of image and standards. In the very least, I need to stir up some material to make good neighborhood gossip.