Arugula/Rocket Salad Greens

Rocket Salad Greens

You say Arugula, I say Rocket. Well, I say either really, especially once I learned they are in fact the same thing. Apparently, this salad green has many different aliases: Rugula, roquette and rucola. Clever really, because if someone tells you they don't like Arugula, you can serve them Rocket salad instead. HA!

I harvested these pretty leaves last week. You can easily distinguish their leaves, given their lobed appearance, very much like acorn leaves. They are quite meaty looking greens in comparison to some of their fellow green leaf varieties out there.

Rocket Salad Greens Diptych

Upon a sampling of a leaf in my garden, I was unsure if I was hooked on the flavor. It's quite a strong leafy-green flavor with a peppery bite. It actually felt like it packed some heat.

But, I tried it in a salad recipe (it will be up tomorrow) and I have to say, it's a hit around here. We've already planted another row in our garden. I love having fresh produce, right in my back yard!