asparagus bunch

I was thinking the other day how I really like green vegetables. Asparagus, sugar snap peas, swiss chard, lettuce, green beans, spinach and don't forget all the herbs! I would say that as a child or even as a young adult, I didn't appreciate green vegetables enough but now as I've gotten older I've come around. Though I have to say, while I think green peppers are ok, I won't usually go out of my way to eat them.

When asparagus came into season, we ate it almost non-stop it seems. For breakfast with some eggs. Prosciutto-wrapped for appetizers. Dinner with some barbequed steaks. At lunch on some pizza. Then I had enough. ENOUGH. I told my hubby to not even think about picking it up when we would go to the grocery stores as I didn't even want to see it until next year.

But, now, well, I've changed my mind. See, I took a long enough break that I'm almost craving them again. And I stopped by costco and was sad to see none. I wasn't really expecting to see any there but now I'm going to have to hit another grocery store and bring some tender little stalks home.

I was just wondering. Asparagus refers to one stalk but what about a bunch of them? We jokingly call them asparagii for the plural form. I think it goes :) Anyone with me on that?