breadland organic whole grain bakery, oliver square

rye bread

The plan was to make some fresh bread to enjoy for breakfast with the variety of cheeses and deli meats we had picked up the night before. Unfortunately, I dropped the ball on making some fresh bread. Just didn't feel like it and it's not something you can make quick either.

So the hubby decided to take a quick jaunt to Breadland bakery in Oliver Square, early on a saturday morning. He said he'd be right back, running out in sweat pants and sporting some bad bed head.

I set the table and I get a phone call from him. "It's not open yet! I'm standing outside the door looking in and there are people inside but they aren't opening it up. It won't open up for another 10 minutes. The Second Cup next door is busy, I guess I'll just wait it out."

I don't blame the bakery, I wouldn't open the doors up earlier if I saw a man with crazy hair staring inside my business! Seriously though, we were both perplexed. I thought bakeries were supposed to be open early. But I guess one person's early is another person's late. The bakery opens at 8:30am but the Second Cup next door is open up at 7:30 and is bustling. Who knows, maybe they tried earlier hours and it wasn't worth it?

rye bread diptych

Hubby finally came home with a tasty rye bread, something we both were hankering to eat for a while. Nice and crusty on the outside and with a soft but not too soft inside. We both tasted what we think is caraway seeds but we didn't visually see them... maybe they grind some in? Either way, it was worth the 10 minute wait.

Breadland Organic Whole Grain Bakery
11642 104 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 454-5556