ready to crack, I'm just saying.

Fresh Brown Eggs

I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things since we were having guests over later in the day. What seemed like 20 minutes later, after all the bundling up and packing up of wee, whiny kidlets, we finally make our way to the store just for me to hear "Mom, I have to pee".

Sigh.  Nothing is ever quick and easy.

After the bathroom break, I start going to the aisles to pick up the few items, the kids start chanting to go see the horsies. Horsies, as in the $1 coin-operated rides they love. "OK, but only after I pick up these things", feeling guilty for dragging them out in the cold.

I hit the self-checkout, hoping for a quick exit.  The little ole granny next to me pipes out... 

"You know, those eggs, they are pretty much the same price at the farmer's market".

"Oh, yes, I know," I respond as I'm picking up my youngest who wants up and trying to juggle my basket of goods. 

"It's going on right now, I'm just saying."

"I forgot that the market is going on now.  Thank you." I answer, trying to scan in some strawberries, with children filling the air with the noise of wanting their horsies.

"I'm just saying, it's from the pie lady. She sells fresh eggs."

Damn it, why does this screen say it won't accept my club card?  Where is the self-checkout employee to override this?  God, this boy is getting heavy on my arm.

"I appreciate it. Maybe next time..." I say, smiling at her politely, since there is no way I would leave these eggs behind right now and wade through to the market with 2 whiny preschoolers who want to ride some damn ponies.

"I'm not saying you should go.  But, yeah, same price, right now,  I'm just saying".

Gosh, I have patience, but for a second,  I did have a bad thought... 

She's lucky I don't crack her like an egg, right now, I'm just saying.