roasting your own coffee beans

roasting your coffee beans
(from front to back: Dark roast, light roast, unroasted (green) beans)

My husband had a conversation with some of his friends about getting a perfect cup of coffee. Of course, they talked on length on water temperature of your coffeemaker, the type of water one must use and to filter or not to filter.

Let's not forget about the coffee beans. These wannabe purists came to the conclusion that they must roast their own beans. That's when my hubby came home with some beans from Transcend Coffee, all excited to roast his own.

It started out ok as the smell of roasting coffee beans reached my nose.  Then it quickly went to overwhelming as the hubby kept opening and closing the oven door, allowing huge clouds of smoke to billow out.  The oils from the coffee beans produce quite a bit of smoke.  Who knew that the smoke would permeate my home furnishings and remain there for days to come.  

Lesson:  The hubby is no longer allowed to bring home unroasted coffee beans.

roasting your own coffee beans

Heat oven to 475 degrees

Spread the beans onto the baking sheet and into the oven for 8-10 minutes. The beans will begin to pop and start shedding the chaff.  Roast the beans for a few more minutes until the desired level of roast is reached.

Remove the the baking sheet from the oven.  Shake the beans to remove chaff (preferably outside) or pour into a colander to cool & remove chaff.

Store cooled beans in a sealed container.