ground beef with mushrooms in lettuce cups

Sometimes when I'm feeling in a lower carb mood, I make these. Often, I have leftover cooked ground beef so then I just add some mushrooms and extra spices to change it up. It's tasty and can be seasoned any which way to your liking. I prefer it on the saltier side.

Aside: Hell's Kitchen this season? WHERE did they get these dumb-dumbs? Holy shmoly! I really hope next week gives better results because it's sorta depressing watching such inexperience! But, yes I know, they only show the worst parts and paint the image that way but still! Wowsas!


ground beef with mushrooms in lettuce cups

ground beef
minced onions
spice blend of cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper. Choose to your liking.
Head lettuce
chopped green onions

In a pan with some oil, saute up some garlic and onions. Add ground beef. Cook until almost all browned through. Add spices and mushrooms and cook until mushrooms slightly limp.

Serve onto lettuce cups, sprinkle with green onions.