mortadella & cheddar melt

mortadella & cheddar melt

Sometimes a fancy grilled cheese is what a mom and her kids need for lunch. Yes, I'm not your processed-cheese-slice-with-bologna-on-white-bread type of woman. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just don't really prefer it.

I like whole grain or whole wheat bread. My kids don't really know what white bread is. Once in a while I buy plain sliced white bread but I prefer a french bread or sourdough if I go in that direction. I usually have a big ole hunk of cheddar in the refrigerator too and I love it aged and preferably old. It's so much more tastier. Though I don't buy bologna, I buy mortadella, (which is what I call Italian bologna), so really it's pretty much the same thing. haha. I like it because when you warm it up, the fat in it makes everything so much more tastier. Hmmmmm... fat.

And now for the secret ingredient! Ajvar! I LOVE THIS STUFF. I rarely make a sandwich without it. It's a vegetable spread made out of red peppers, eggplant and spices. You can buy it hot or mild, a bit more chunkier or pureed and it varies in taste among different manufacturers. So, if you don't like one variety, try, try again!



mortadella & cheddar melt

Your choice of:

Bread - 2 slices
Meat - 1-2 slices
Cheese - 1-2 slices
margarine or butter

Spread ajvar onto your bread slice(s), add meat and cheese and close up your sandwich.

Butter up the outsides and grill on a hot frying pan for a few minutes on each side until browned.