chestnut butter

This recipe is a bit labour intensive, as my hubby tells me, since he's the one who made it. He was reminiscing about a certain recipe, from his childhood, that contained chestnuts. He didn't find exactly what he was looking for but found this chestnut butter or puree instead.

We've tasted various "butters" before but only store bought ones. Of course, there is peanut butter, but there is also almond butter and hazelnut butter. All tasty.

This chestnut butter is very mild in taste with a hint of sweetness. Has the nice chestnut flavor that I love and that reminds me of Christmas. The hubby likes it drizzled with honey.

In my next post, I'll be using the puree for a really good dessert. Stay tuned!


chestnut butter

1 kg chestnuts, peeled
1 vanilla bean (Or use 1 tsp vanilla extract)
200 mL milk
100 g sugar

Cook the chestnuts in boiling salted water for 10 minutes. Drain and dry.

Cut the vanilla bean and scrape out the meat. Add to milk and sugar in a double boiler or heat proof bowl over boiling water. Add minced up chestnuts and boil, covered, for 1 hour.

Puree the mixture to give a smooth textured "butter".

Recipe from: forum