chocolate chips

When I'm busy or stressed (or happy or sad), well, whatever occasion really, chocolate is this girl's best friend.

That is why I don't buy it or usually keep it in my home. I can't say no. But I've been known to eat chocolate chips and baker's chocolate when I'm in dire chocolate-fix need.

Yes, I have no shame.

However, let me show you some great chocolate I've gotten as gifts recently.

purdy's chocolate

I got some Purdy's. Well known Canadian chocolate. And it was very creamy milk chocolatey good. I have enjoyed their hedgehogs many Christmas holidays. You'll want to cry with joy when you taste the creamy hazelnut filling. Guess that's why they've been around since 1907.

dark chocolate

I also got this glorious dark chocolate. I think I was grumbling about never having chocolate in the house. So, my hubby surprised me. I tend to gravitate to dark chocolate more. I will definitely eat milk chocolate but the dark has the stronger cocoa flavor that I love. This one was definitely not as creamy as the Purdy's but equally as delicious.

I'm sure many of you would make some chocolatey dessert with it or have a chocolate fondue. Oh no. I rather just eat it "raw" instead of cooking with it.

Are you a dark chocolate or milk chocolate lover?