mocha latte

It's pretty sad when you are too busy to even do simple fun stuff, like update your own blog!

This tends to happen, way too often actually. I wish I was better at putting myself first. Or at least balancing things in my life, especially when it gets super busy, so to include a little bit of me time. It always feels so very selfish to put my needs first. Why is it so easy for some folks to do that?

One thing that I do do for myself, is let my morning coffee be "me time". I usually love to read the morning paper or stuff on the internet while sipping coffee. I tend to tell the kids to "leave mommy alone" and usually no one is calling my house wanting things at that time so it works out. Usually.

We drink drip coffee around here on the weekdays. A few months ago we bought a little cappuccino machine and now we enjoy an occasional cappuccino or mocha latte on the weekends.

Feels fancy. Just upped the quality of my "me time" I guess. hehe.

Well, that was the end of that. Back to work!


mocha latte

shot of espresso
1 cup of frothed milk
2 -3 tsp of cocoa powder

I'm assuming you have an espresso machine

Prepare a shot of espresso. Add hot cocoa mix of your choice.

Froth up a cup of milk and add it to the espresso/chocolate mix.