welcome to my kitchen.

my kitchen

The header to this blog is indeed my kitchen. I thought that since this is a food blog, you can have a glimpse at where all my food prep happens. The "magic" so to speak.

I love my kitchen. It has come a LONG way from it's original form.

It was renovated by me and the hubby many years ago. It was our first major reno and we didn't have a lot of bucks to spend toward it but we did splurge on the stove. The dishwasher was covered with a stainless steel cover and spray painted black near the top. The fridge (not pictured) is still a glaring white but on the other side of room and I wishfully countdown for the day that it dies so that I can buy myself a nice stainless steel one.

IKEA is where the beautiful cabinets came from, people never believe me when I tell them that. My hubby made the countertops out of concrete and all the plumbing and electrical was moved so that we can change the layout completely. The worst part of the job had to be the removal of 5 layers of lino and subfloors.

But, it was all completely worth it.

Feast your eyes on a BEFORE picture below, wasn't it a beauty?

Before Renovation

Yeahhhhhh, hope you aren't choking on your carrot stick looking at the ugly before picture.

This is the most favorite part of my house and really, I live here. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can find me here. Chopping, slicing, frying, baking or cleaning up. Is it any wonder why I wouldn't have started a food blog?