I wish I could say I have some fabulous recipe that I used to put these beauties to work but alas, I have none. We are eating them right off the branches. And really, why not, they are best that way! There are many raspberry shrubs in our yard and the berries are so delicious that they don't hang around waiting to be put to use.

Raspberries are one of my favorite fruits with blueberries coming to a very close second. I have never minded the seeds and love raspberry jams, sieved or not. And raspberry sorbets, sherbets and ice creams make my eyes go buggy with delight especially since they are rarer in products compared to the mighty prevalent strawberry!

When I was younger, my mom used to take us to a friend's house who's yard was filled with raspberries. We had this idea to have a lemonade stand (because we were trying to come up with ideas to be rich) but the problem was we didn't have any lemonade or koolaid. I had suggested raspberry juice since there was an abundance of the berries. We became product development scientists that day, from squishing the raspberries to the right consistency to adding the appropriate ratios of sugar and water to develop the ultimate taste. Needless to say, we were stained up to our elbows in the beautiful purple-red hue of raspberries but the idea was quite novel.

And, if you are wondering, we made no money. Apparantly, we had no clue about marketing since we set up our stand in a quiet residential neighborhood where there was no customer walk through or cars driving by. C'est la vie! We had a blast making it!